Animal Management System (AMS)

Our animal management system is an application to monitor and maintain for example one or more fish farms. Farms consist of individual systems, which in turn contain separate units holding the fish strains. The system records all relevant information required for organized maintenance and research and thus provides the scientist or facility manager with a centralized overview enhancing the efficiency for project planning and monitoring.
Besides management of fish strains and workflow, the software provides a number of handy utilities such as a search for specific stocks, a pedigree function to view generations in a given strain and a history function that can be used to track the pedigree of your fish population. Furthermore it is possible to record transgenic animals and to save plasmit data in the AMS database. So, if you are interested in this software you can have a look . The software is running under the following link where you can use and test all functions:

Use the link to
Animal Management System

To login
Username: Administrator
Password: administrator (password only low letters)
You can use all functions of the software. To make it easier we have added a preset of data described in the next chapter. Feel free to play around with the database, each Sunday we will reset the data in the database.
We would be happy to get your comments regarding our software. If you miss some functions please tell us.
Database AMS software

The database is roughly based on the fish strands and crosses of the paper Lgl2 Executes Its Function as a Tumor Suppressor by Regulating ErbB Signaling in the Zebrafish Epidermis (Reischauer et al., PLoS Genet. 2009 November; 5(11): e1000720).

We have installed an artificial background story to get the database more realistic:

Arthur Ardberg became a group leader quite recently. He has done some background work before, e. g. made some plasmids (please see Plasmid list). He has a PhD student Bret Brewster who did all the crosses and other experiments required for the paper (please see stocks list). Arthur Ardberg and Bret Brewster are in the same login group as power user status and rights (Username: Ardberg Lab; Password Ardberg). With these rights, the users can enter and modify new Systems, Tanks, Tasks and Fish Stocks, but not other users. There are two technicians in the lab to take care of the fish systems and tanks and breed the homozygous background lines, Cynthia Close and Daryl Dawn (please see tasks list). They do have access via a regular user account (Username: Technician; Password Technician). They can execute tasks but not modify anything of Systems, Tanks, Stocks and other users. There is one last account for administration of the users, in this case by Peter Miller of the IT department (Username: Administrator; Password administrator). He has access to everything including editing of users.